August 15, 2020 Lyndsey Taylor

From Working From Home To Nomadic Living?

With the revolutionary step of having to work from home during COVID-19 a much need transformation has occurred, especially for those that have been requesting this from their employees without much luck.  With COVID there was no option and rather than drawing into the negatives of why this has happened, let’s look at what does the future hold?

I’m excited!

Personally, I’m excited!  But then I’ve worked from home for over 15 years and have been an advocate for it if it works for you.  The balance is amazing, 15 years ago, I went from commuting four hours a day to being able to choose how I spent that extra time; a lie in, swimming with my mum 3 days a week, long breakfast, start work early and this was before kids!  Once they came along, it became a mass morning scramble of two hours getting up, dressed, fed, hair, (that’s just me!) Then get them ready plus nursery/school bags and school runs as appropriate.  But between hubby and I one of us was there and ‘present’ with them (most of the time!)

And the children now?

Now my girls are 10 & 13 and much more independent, I have started to get some time back again (albeit about an hour every morning before they are upon a good day) to once again choose how to spend that extra time.

The new working week?

I love how the change has made companies and individuals relook at not just what they would like to do now but how so many people have been able to prove this can be done.  It’s also important to acknowledge it doesn’t suit everyone, we all need social interaction which has been massively missed as we hold on to when we can return to some sort of routine.  For me, my routine was working from home 3 times a week and out of the office just 1 or 2 days a week, this might be the new norm for many others now.  Working from home full time relying on zoom calls only could quite easily institutionalise you so I do like most still need that balance.  I still need to have face to face meetings, coffee/lunch catch-ups, networking, oh I could go on.

What’s next?

However, I have also shown myself that even those one or two days out are not always required and I’m now thinking of the next step in perhaps 10 years time of working completely mobile for half the year (summer months obviously!) and living as a nomad from our VW Campervan.  Living the dream for some and living an utter nightmare for others!

But what about the luxuries?

For someone who has always worked with hotels and venue, particularly high end five start resorts I seem to be able to relish the luxury these properties bring but still come back to the basic campervan life.  Living a minimalistic life, only buying and using what you need, therefore also throwing away less.  At a time when the events industry is losing so much money during this crisis it’s looking a rather attractive way of earning any money from where I am sitting. (which is currently in a field connected to my phone WIFI on a glorious day, it’s also nearly time for GIN)

The Pro’s

Freedom! Of life and love in whatever form you see that in, that’s the point, it’s your choice.

The Con’s

The pitfalls are the obvious ones, constant wet, windy days, using a public shower block, limited space for food (although supermarkets do deliver to campsites these days!)

Just enjoy today

So for now I am going to practice the task of nomad living just this weekend.  On a weekend where my parents have our wonderful children and where Boris has just announced a delay of the original green light go-ahead for the return of events from 1st August events now to 15 August in England and local lockdowns are also now starting to appear.  Who knows what is next so for two days I’m ‘opting out’ of the system, yet still connected to the industry I love and will think of life goals when there will be better days in years to come.

Who’s with me?!

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